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NEW COURSE:  This two-day, in-person course is designed to help primary care clinicians learn the basics of diagnostic and injection techniques with ultrasound.  On day 1, hands-on scanning supervision by faculty will help each learner master the basic diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound exams. On day two, cadavers will be used to allow participants to practice the basic musculoskeletal ultrasound injection techniques.  15.75 hours over two days, CME eligible.  Access to GUSI's online MSK Essentials course is included (upon registration to 9/5/2023).


ON SALE, 72% off regular price for a limited time:  Enhance your POCUS training by adding on our scan review service. Having your scans reviewed by our expert faculty will improve your image optimization, interpretation, and troubleshooting techniques. As part of this service, our instructors will review 50 of your scans, all of which count towards your credentialing. Please note that these are not radiology overreads; our scan reviews are solely educational, and intended to provide feedback to improve your skills.

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Hands-On Point of Care Ultrasound Training for Primary Care -- Sold Out

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 GUSI's acclaimed two-day in-person Point of Care Ultrasound Training course combines high-yield lectures and hands-on scanning sessions. This 13.5 CME course uses a flipped classroom model and is designed to maximize scanning time through low instructor to learner and learner to ultrasound ratios. The course is unique, taught by physicians who are both skilled POCUS practitioners and expert educators.  Course participants receive three+ months of complimentary access to our online POCUS Essentials Course (25 CME hours, a $289 annual subscription) -- available immediately after registration.

$289 / year

NEW COURSE:  Learn POCUS at your own pace through our online video curriculum for Physical Therapists. This is not your standard ultrasound course; our modules are engaging, clinically-oriented, and allow you to track your performance as you go. You will leave this course with the skills and confidence to integrate POCUS into your practice, and enhance the therapeutic experience for you and your patients.

From: $2,500 / year

GUSI’s curriculum is designed specifically for the educational needs of residents and residency programs. A residency-wide subscription to GUSI will optimize your residents’ learning as cost- and time-effectively as possible. The subscription includes individual user accounts for every learner, group leader dashboard views to allow easy remote tracking of participants' engagement and learning , and access for every learner to GUSI's web-based Scan Portfolio and other tools and resources.

From: $4,995 for 1 year

Join experienced GUSI Instructors for an individualized virtual Fellowship in POCUS, designed to get you scanning confidently and competently, satisfaction guaranteed!  You will be paired with a POCUS expert for three focused, one-on-one, tele-ultrasound mentorship sessions for each scan type selected (you can choose 3 or 6 scan types, for a total of 9 or 18 individual sessions) via Zoom, TeleGuidance, or FaceTime with GUSI faculty.  Includes 25 scan reviews per scan type chosen and subscription to GUSI's Essentials Course in POCUS.


$6,000 for 1 year

GUSI's Small Group POCUS Fellowship for groups of 6 residency faculty, or clinicians, empowers participants to scan confidently and competently, to become POCUS champions at their institutions, and/or to begin using POCUS in their practices.  The Fellowship consists of monthly, one-hour live, remote sessions, for hand-on practice, review of key points, pearls and pitfalls, and best practices.  GUSI's 25 CME online POCUS Essentials course serves as the curriculum between sessions. 


Take a deeper dive into POCUS with one-on-one virtual mentorship sessions with GUSI’s faculty, who are leading experts in POCUS. In each of these four sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask your unanswered questions, troubleshoot cases, review your scans in real time, and more.