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Get expert feedback on your practice scans and get credentialed today.

Receive expert feedback that is in-depth, hi-yield, and includes ways to improve your scan acquisition technique and interpretation.

You can upload scans from any POCUS device to the scanFolio cloud, and Scan Review feedback is automatically requested. You will receive expert feedback within 72 hours, which will get you feeling more confident and competent in your scanning. 


Global Ultrasound Institute proudly works with top universities, institutions & medical facilities across the United States & around the world

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What you’ll experience with GUSI Scan Review

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World-class experienced POCUS expert educators who have QA’ed thousands of scans

Gusi Learning On Demand Poscus Training Platform


Feedback that is in <72 hours on your scans. while its fresh. get immediate email notification

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Specific feedback on scan acquisition technique and troubleshooting. also on your own scan interpretation. see if your interpretation is in line with the POCUS expert.

Having your scans reviewed by our expert faculty will improve your image optimization, interpretation, and troubleshooting techniques.

As part of this service, our expert reviewers will evaluate your scans, all of which count toward your credentialing.

Please note that these are not radiology overreads; our scan reviews are solely educational, and are intended to provide feedback to improve your skills.

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scanReview helps gain competence and confidence in POCUS tools and techniques

Confidence & Competency

Curated, award-winning, clinically-focused, expert on-demand education

expertise at your fingertips

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Fully-integrated, device-agnostic, scan archive for feedback and quality assurance 

GUSI scanReview helps you meet credentialling requirements

Meets Credentialing Requirements

Real-time summary and granular metrics and tracking of learners’ activity 

POCUS Champion? Outsource your entire staff’s Scan Review to Global Ultrasound Institute’s worldwide team of POCUS experts with GUSI’s scanFolio.

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Global Ultrasound Institute Scan Review FAQ’s

Yes, the scans would count as independently-reviewed, precepted practice scans which can be used for credentialing purposes at your institution.

Turnaround time for expert scan review is 72 hours

link to our how to or help or just the url for scanfolio.

If you upload your scans with our scanOne mobile app, each scan is automatically de-identified, removing personal health information., making it HIPAA-compliant.

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