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COMING: the scanOne Mobile App for Point of Care Ultrasound

ONE app to help you learn, teach, and use point of care ultrasound any time, anywhere

scanOne from GUSI will be available wherever you download your favorite apps, starting with the Apple App Store

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Learning or Teaching Point of Care Ultrasound?

The scanOne mobile app from Global Ultrasound Institute makes the job faster and easier than ever.

For point of care ultrasound learners and champions, the GUSI scanOne™ mobile app offers a fast, secure, HIPAA-compliant solution to anonymize and upload POCUS images from any ultrasound device.

The scanOne app enables evidence-based clinical decision support to help clinicians make smart, safe patient care decisions.

The scanOne app ensures accuracy and data integrity, to support sharing scans for QA and credentialing.

scanOne Features

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Create New Scan

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My Exams

Reviewed Exams ScanOne Pocus App

Review Exams

Through the scanOne App You Can:

  • Anonymize and upload POCUS images in seconds—from any ultrasound device
  • Verify images, exam types, and who performed them
  • Secure your data in the Cloud
  • Share scans for learning and credentialing
  • Get expert reviews of images through our scanReview™ service
  • Access the full array of GUSI online educational content and resources
  • Build competence and confidence at the bedside, no matter where you care for your patients

Through the GUSI scanReview™ service, your scans are reviewed by our expert faculty to improve your image optimization, interpretation, and troubleshooting techniques. In addition to helping you become confident and competent using POCUS in patient care, scans reviewed by our team count toward credentialing.

GUSI scan reviews are done via scanFolio™, a secure online scan archive that makes it easy to store, organize, search, and share scans.


Who Needs scanOne?

Individuals Learning POCUS

  • Personalized Cloud-based POCUS image archive
  • Facilitates education, training, and credentialing
  • Helps build confidence and competence using POCUS

POCUS Champions

  • Enables QA and helps ensure patient safety
  • Saves time and reduces administrative burden
  • Streamlines education, training, and credentialing

POCUS Expertise at Your Fingertips

Anonymize and Upload Scans | Archive | Share | Get Feedback


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Explore GUSI Subscription Options

Global Ultrasound Institute offers a wide range of subscription and learning opportunities, from single online courses to complete POCUS Fellowships and even in-person training opportunities.

scanOne from GUSI will be available wherever you download your favorite apps, starting with the Apple App Store

download from the apple app store


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A Deeper Dive for IT Pros

The scanOneTM app is a safe and secure way to upload and manage POCUS scans from any ultrasound device — enabling efficient training, QA, and feedback.

The new scanOne mobile app offers:

  • Cloud-based, DICOM-secure image transfer and repository
  • AWS Security features
  • HIPAA-compliant; removes all patient health information
  • Ensures accuracy and data integrity
  • Adheres to DICOM standard
  • Supports non-DICOM and DICOM-based images
  • TLS1.2 encryption standard
  • Adheres to IT-defined security protocols
  • Saves time and reduces costs
  • Reduces risk of medical legal exposure
  • No middleware, onsite hardware, or ongoing maintenance required
  • Customizable, dynamic functionality designed for individuals or large user groups