Point-of-Care Ultrasound Essentials Course


Learn POCUS through GUSI’s award-winning Essentials Course.

Join over 13,000 learners (and counting!) around the world who are gaining Point of Care Ultrasound training to elevate patient care through a trusted, accredited and acclaimed online curriculum.


GUSI POCUS courses qualify for CME Credits

GUSI Courses are crafted and approved for CME credits – so you can be confident your team is building expertise at the highest level.

Why choose the GUSI Essentials Course?


  • CME accredited (25 units)
  • Comprehensive (125 topics, 19 modules)
  • Accessible – subtitled in 10+ languages
  • Device Independent
  • Evidence Based & Curated by Practicing POCUS Experts
  • Fun, dynamic never boring (4.8/5 star rating)
  • More than a curriculum – a POCUS ecosystem (ScanHub)

Global Ultrasound Institute proudly works with top universities, institutions & medical facilities across the United States & around the world

Harvard Univeristy
Kaiser Permanente
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What is scanHub?

ScanHub is a complete online POCUS ecosystem from Global Ultrasound Institute is included in every GUSI membership, and includes:

  • Dashboards – Tracking Performance.
  • scanFolio – Fully-integrated, device-agnostic, scan archive for feedback and quality assurance
  • SageAI – On-demand expert AI answers to any ultrasound-related question. Vetted, curated, integrating thousands of images, >80 languages, 24/7/365
  • Pathology Gallery
  • GUSI Community – Blog, News and Events, Bi-Monthly Webinars
  • Qbanks
GUSI's award winning POCUS training platform

Award-winning education

Curated, award-winning, clinically-focused, expert on-demand education


cloud folder

Scan archive

Fully-integrated, device-agnostic, scan archive for feedback and quality assurance 



Performance dashboard

Real-time summary and granular metrics and tracking of your activity 


Self-paced curriculum

Flexible, on-demand modules and topics that fit into any schedule or learning style


quiz 3

Question Banks

Massive and constantly-growing library of over 1200 questions and answers to support self-directed learning


pathology image gallery from GUSI

Path gallery

Thousands of pathologic images and video clips covering a broad array of scan types and diagnoses

Tricia Hall ECHN

This was a great experience!

It was an absolute great experience…I am so happy that we chose GUSI to be our training platform. I would choose them again in a heartbeat.

  • Dr. Tricia Hall,
    Program Director, Eastern Connecticut Health Network Family Medicine Residency

Amazing addition to our residency’s POCUS program

The GUSI essentials online platform is fantastic for high yield asynchronous learning and letting residents learn at their own pace.

  • Dr. Anna McDonald
    Swedish First Hill Family Medicine Residency
    POCUS Champion, Clinical Faculty and Global Health Lead

The GUSI essentials online platform is fantastic for high yield asynchronous learning and letting residents learn at their own pace. I recently gave didactics on bleeding and clotting disorders – and spent an hour of that time dedicated to practicing DVT scanning. All residents were asked to complete the DVT module prior to didactics, so we could use our time in person for hands-on transducer time. The very next week I was attending on service and we had a patient come in with unilateral leg swelling; the resident team was able to quickly and confidently diagnose cellulitis based on the clinical picture and cobblestoning seen on US – but they also felt confident to scan for DVT, practicing their skills acquired the week prior. As an educator, you live for these “lightbulb moments” when students can put theory into practice, and feel confident doing so.  Overall, the GUSI Essentials course has been an amazing addition to our residency’s POCUS program and has freed up my time to spend teaching residents at the bedside.  

What you will experience with GUSI’s POCUS Essentials Course


guis course leader dashboard


See the progress of all your learners, assign lessons, check quizzes and make sure everyone is getting everything they can out of the GUSI platform.

Gusi Learning On Demand Poscus Training Platform

Learning on demand

GUSI’s POCUS education platform is built for flexibility – access anytime, anywhere on any device to keep moving towards POCUS mastery.


Gusi ScanFolio Screencap

scanFolio Archive

Use our device-agnostic, user-friendly scan archive to easily give feedback to learners, as their build their own educational scan portfolios.


Each module has succinct videos on literature, scanning technique, pathology & pitfalls, troubleshooting, clinical integration, and summary.

  • Ultrasound Basics 5 Modules
  • FAST/E-FAST7 Modules
  • Cardiac Echo10 Modules
  • Pulmonology7 Modules
  • Gallbladder6 Modules
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm6 Modules
  • Renal6 Modules
  • Deep Venous Thrombosis6 Modules
  • Musculoskeletal – 9 Module
  • Skin Soft Tissue – 6 Modules
  • Dermatology – 6 Modules
  • OB 1st Trimester – 6 Modules
  • Obstetrics: 2nd & 3rd Trimester – 6 Modules
  • FASH: Tuberculosis-HIV – 6 Modules
  • Pediatric Ocular – 7 Modules
  • Pediatric Lung – 6 Modules
  • Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Pre-hospital Personnel
  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • General Practice
  • Primary Care
  • Pre-Hospital Medicine


Teach one, reach many


124 +

Countries reached through online courses

195 K

Views of online courses worldwide

100 +

Residency programs trained

120 +

Topics covered in online courses

12 K

Learners - and more every day!

GUSI POCUS Course Completion Certificate

Your learners are eligible to receive certificates of completion and CME credits

GUSI POCUS courses qualify for CME Credits

We’ll teach your team. You keep your time.

The Global Ultrasound Institute platform empowers you to train your team by simplifying the scope of your educational management activities.

  • You don’t have to worry about taking time to create and give lectures – your learners can watch the videos 24/7 on their phones on their own time

  • See progress and activity of every learner in your group – keep track of everyone with ease

  • Free your learners scans from machines and devices and usb’s and have them go automatically/seamlessly into a hipaa-compliant, brand-agnostic, secure cloud where you can access them, offer feedback, and track progress

  • Your learners will actually watch the engaging lesson videos (we have over 2,000,000 end-to-end video views)

  • Assign pre-work learning for resident rotations and see if and when they did it

  • QBanks allows your learners to test their knowledge and deepen their understanding

  • Easily add/delete/edit learners or courses with a click


GUSI POCUS Training Offers the Most Features & Benefits

Compared to Other Education Platforms


Integrated Scan Archive

Every scan your learners upload is stored in an integrated cloud-based scan archive for review, retrieval and validation.

GUSI has that!  

Performance Tracking Dashboard

Monitor and assign activities of your entire staff through our user-friendly dashboard to make sure your users are maximizing the GUSI platform.

GUSI has that!  


On-demand expert AI answers to any ultrasound-related question. Vetted, curated, integrating thousands of images, >80 languages, 24/7/365

GUSI has that!  

Device & Brand Agnostic

GUSI’s mission is to educate and inform users across professions and disciplines – so we remain committed to device and brand neutrality.

GUSI has that!  

Mobile App

GUSI’s scanOne mobile app puts the power of GUSI’s award-winning POCUS training platform at everyone’s fingertips!

GUSI has that!  


Global Ultrasound Institute POCUS Education FAQ’s

The GUSI online platform is built with groups in mind. Your program price depends on the size of your group and your group goals. We would love to connect you with one of our Account Executives to provide a tailored price quote.

Yes. scanPortfolio and scanArchive are industry-leading, device and brand agnostic universal archive/feedback software that is integrated into our Essentials course. This is a key component of your Group Leader experience, giving you insight into activities, track performance and more.

Yes. The scanOne mobile app is included in all Group Essentials courses and it is synced with the web experience so what you see on the app is the same as what you will experience online.

The GUSI Group Essentials Course earns learners 25 CME credits.

Yes. The group leader in a Group Essentials Course is able to assign specific topics or entire modules to specific individual learners, a subset of learners or an entire group of learners.

Yes. It is easy to create sub groups of learners within your administrative dashboard.

GUSI has you covered

From easy to use online courses and administrative tools to our ongoing series of in-person training events, GUSI has POCUS training and education options for every professional need.


GUSIs online longitudinal mentorship platform is the most effective and direct pathway to competency


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In-Person Learning

GUSI offers a wide range of in-person events and courses, including events focused on various specialties as well as training held at hospitals and universities worldwide. Let us customize a training event for you

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