Our Pediatrics Essentials course was designed to:

Group 163

Empower pediatricians to incorporate POCUS into clinical practice

Group 205

Provide a high-yield And clinically relevant lecture series

Union 1

Cover a wide range of topics useful in the emergency, hospitalist, and outpatient settings

Course Curriculum

Physics and Probes (10m16s)
Ultrasound Basics Physics and Probes Quiz
Scanning Technique (6m39s)
Ultrasound Basics Scanning Technique Quiz
Machine Settings (4m46s)
Ultrasound Basics Machine Settings Quiz
Artifacts (6m36s)
Ultrasound Basics Artifacts Quiz
Summary (3m59s)
Ultrasound Basics Quiz
Pediatric FAST Case and Literature (9m8s)
Pediatric FAST Case and Literature Quiz
Pediatric FAST Scanning Technique (5m55s)
Pediatric FAST Scanning Technique Quiz
Pediatric FAST Pathology (7m42s)
Pediatric FAST Pathology Quiz
Pediatric FAST Pearls and Pitfalls (5m57s)
Pediatric FAST Pearls and Pitfalls Quiz
Pediatric FAST Clinical Integration (4m57s)
Pediatric FAST Clinical Integration Quiz
Pediatric FAST Summary
Pediatric FAST Quiz
Pediatric Renal Case & Literature (4m38s)
Pediatric Renal Case & Literature Quiz
Pediatric Renal Scanning Technique (4m16s)
Pediatric Renal Scanning Technique Quiz
Pediatric Renal Pathology (3m45s)
Pediatric Renal Pathology Quiz
Pediatric Renal Pearls & Pitfalls (2m49s)
Pediatric Renal Pearls & Pitfalls Quiz
Pediatric Renal Clinical Integration (1m43s)
Pediatric Renal Clinical Integration Quiz
Pediatric Renal Summary (3m)
Pediatric Bladder Volume Assessment (3m45s)
Pediatric Renal Bladder Volume Quiz
Pediatric Renal Quiz
Peds Cardiac Case & Literature (4m27s)
Pediatric Cardiac Case & Literature Quiz
Peds Cardiac Scanning Technique (7m20s)
Pediatric Cardiac Scanning Technique Quiz
Peds Cardiac Pathology (5m3s)
Pediatric Cardiac Pathology Quiz
Peds Cardiac Pearls & Pitfalls (5m16s)
Pediatric Cardiac Pearls & Pitfalls Quiz
Peds Cardiac Clinical Integration (8m29s)
Pediatric Cardiac Clinical Integration Quiz
Peds Cardiac Summary (3m31s)
Pediatric Cardiac Quiz
Skin Soft Tissue Case & Literature (6m22s)
Skin Soft Tissue Case and Literature Quiz
Skin Soft Tissue Scanning Technique (4m51s)
Skin Soft Tissue Scanning Technique Quiz
Skin Soft Tissue Pathology and Pitfalls (8m6s)
Skin Soft Tissue Pathology and Pitfalls Quiz
Skin Soft Tissue Pearls (5m12s)
Skin Soft Tissue Troubleshooting Quiz
Skin Soft Tissue Clinical Integration (13m45s)
Skin Soft Tissue Clinical Integration Quiz
Skin Soft Tissue Summary (5m43s)
Skin Soft Tissue Quiz
US Guided LP Case & Literature (6m37s)
US Guided LP Case & Literature Quiz
US Guided LP Scanning Technique (6m16s)
US Guided LP Scanning Technique Quiz
US Guided LP Pearls & Pitfalls (3m16s)
US Guided LP Pearls & Pitfalls Quiz
US Guided LP Summary (2m59s)
US Guided LP Quiz
Pediatric Abdomen Case and Literature
Pedi Abdomen Part 1 Case and Literature Quiz
Pediatric Abdomen Scanning Technique
Pedi Abdomen Part 1 Scanning Technique Quiz
Pediatric Abdomen Pathology
Pedi Abdomen Part 1 Pathology Quiz
Pediatric Abdomen Pearls and Pitfalls
Pediatric Abdomen Part 1 Pearls and Pitfalls Quiz
Pediatric Abdomen Clinical Integration
Pedi abdomen part 1 Clinical Integration Quiz
Pediatric Abdomen Summary
Pediatric Lung Case & Literature
Pediatric Lung – Case and Literature Quiz
Pediatric Lung Scanning Technique & Image Interpretation
Pediatric Lung – Scanning Technique Quiz
Pediatric Lung Pathology
Pediatric Lung – Pathology Quiz
Pediatric Lung Pearls & Pitfalls
Pediatric Lung – Pearls and Pitfalls Quiz
Pediatric Lung Clinical Integration
Pediatric Lung – Clinical Integration Quiz
Pediatric Lung Summary
Pediatric Ocular Case & Literature
Pedi Ocular Case and Literature Quiz
Pediatric Ocular Scanning Technique
Pedi ocular scanning technique Quiz
Pediatric Ocular Evidence for Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter Measurement
Pedi Ocular Evidence for nerve sheath diameter Quiz
Pediatric Ocular Pathology, Pearls & Pitfalls
Pedi Ocular Pathology, Pearls, Pitfalls Quiz
Pediatric Ocular Clinical Integration
Pedi Ocular Clinical Integration Quiz
Pediatric Ocular Summary
Pediatric Neck Mass Case and Literature (6m0s)
Pediatric Neck Mass Scanning Technique (2m49s)
Pediatric Neck Mass Pathology (3m39s)
Pediatric Neck Mass Pearls and Pitfalls (3m25s)
Pediatric Neck Mass Clinical Integration (2m56s)
Pediatric Neck Mass Summary (2m46s)


Pediatrics POCUS Curriculum:

Group 184

66 Topics

Group 180

11 Modules

Group 182

7 Hours

  • Pediatrics POCUS curriculum includes a total
    of 66 focused lectures covering 11 topics.
  • Each module is broken down into shorter
    focused topics: case and literature, scanning
    technique, pathology, pearls and pitfalls,
    clinical integration and a summary.
  • Easy navigation within module – to allow use
    as point of care reference or to fully engage
    for comprehensive understanding.
  • Quizzes embedded to allow for knowledge
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