Our MSK Essentials course was designed to:

Group 163

Empower everyday providers

Group 162

Make accurate musculoskeletal diagnoses

Group 160

Perform safer MSK guided injections with bedside ultrasound.

Course Curriculum

Intro to MSK Essentials (9m12s)

MSK Pathology Review Part 1 (16m42s)

MSK Pathology Review Part 2 (15min)

Osteoarthritis (19min)

MSK Essentials : Osteoarthritis Quiz

Intro to Ultrasound Guided Injections (9m38s)

MSK-MSK Injections: General Principles Quiz

Diagnostic Shoulder (13min)

MSK Diagnostic Shoulder Ultrasound Quiz

Diagnostic Shoulder Pathology (7min)

MSK Diagnostic Shoulder Ultrasound Quiz

Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Injection (22min)

MSK-Shoulder: US Guided Injection Quiz

Lateral Elbow Assessment (7min)

Lateral Elbow Pathology (9min)

MSK Essentials : Lateral Elbow Quiz

Carpal Tunnel (15min)

Carpal Tunnel Injection (14min)

MSK-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Diagnosis and US Guided Injection Quiz

1st Dorsal Compartment of the Wrist: DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis (10min)

1st Dorsal Compartment of the Wrist Pathology (2min)

MSK Essentials : 1st Dorsal Compartment of Wrist Quiz

1st Dorsal Compartment Wrist Injection (7min)

MSK Essentials : 1st Dorsal Compartment Injection Quiz

Hand & Fingers: Diagnostic Ultrasound (14 min)

Hand & Fingers : Pathology (6min)

MSK Essentials : Diagnostic Hand & Finger Quiz

Anterior Hip Assessment (14min)

Anterior Hip Injection (12min)

MSK-Anterior Hip: Diagnosis and US Guided Injection Quiz

Diagnostic Lateral Hip (7min)

Lateral Hip Scanning Technique (9min)

Lateral Hip Pathology (7min)

MSK Essentials : Lateral Hip Quiz

Sacroiliac Joint Injection (15min)

MSK Essentials : Sacroiliac Joint Injection Quiz

High Hamstring Diagnostic (11min)

High Hamstring Pathology (10min)

MSK Essentials : High Hamstring Quiz

Mid-Distal Hamstring Part 1 (11min)

Mid-Distal Hamstring Part 2 (12min)

MSK Essentials : Mid-Distal Hamstring Quiz

Diagnostic Posterior Lower Leg: Achilles, Gastrocnemius and Soleus (12m25s)

MSK: Posterior Lower Leg Quiz

Posterior Lower Leg Pathology (12min)

MSK: Pathology Review Quiz

Intro to Knee Ultrasound (6min)

Anterior Knee (8min)

Posterior Knee (5min)

Lateral Knee (5min)

Medial Knee (5min)

Knee Pathology (11min)

MSK-Diagnostic Knee: Scanning Technique Quiz

Knee Injection: Scanning for Effusion (6min)

Knee Injection: Scanning Technique (7m15s)

MSK-Diagnostic Knee: US Guided Injection Quiz

Ankle Tendons & Ligaments (24min)

Ankle Tendon & Ligament Pathology (9min)

MSK Essentials : Ankle Tendons Diagnostic Quiz

Ankle Effusion Evaluation (7min)

Ankle Injection/Aspiration (7min)

MSK Essentials : Ankle Injection Quiz

Plantar Fascia (11min)

Plantar Fascia Pathology (7min)

MSK Essentials : Plantar Fascia Quiz

Plantar Fascia Injection (14min)

MSK Essentials : Plantar Fascia Injection Quiz


Intro to Musculoskeletal Essentials:

MSK essentials curriculum includes a total of 44 videos covering basic diagnostic ultrasound for common MSK complaints, MSK pathology as well as US guided injections (approximately 8 hours total of video lectures

Group 184

44 Topics

Group 180

13 Modules

Group 182

8 Hours

  • Comprehensive MSK series with topics
    from all MSK regions
  • Highlights anatomy for each region to
    start video
  • Clinically relevant focus to drive the ultrasound
    to common clinic conditions.
  • Easy navigation within module – to allow use as
    point of care reference or to fully engage for
    comprehensive understanding.
  • Literature reference provided for key topics.
  • Quizzes embedded to allow for knowledge

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