Our MSK Essentials course was designed to:

Empower everyday providers

Make accurate musculoskeletal diagnoses

Perform safer MSK guided injections with bedside ultrasound.

Course Curriculum

Intro to MSK Essentials (9m12s)

MSK Pathology Review Part 1 (16m42s)

MSK Pathology Review Part 2 (15min)

Osteoarthritis (19min)

MSK Essentials : Osteoarthritis Quiz

Intro to Ultrasound Guided Injections (9m38s)

MSK-MSK Injections: General Principles Quiz

Diagnostic Shoulder (13min)

MSK Diagnostic Shoulder Ultrasound Quiz

Diagnostic Shoulder Pathology (7min)

MSK Diagnostic Shoulder Ultrasound Quiz

Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Injection (22min)

MSK-Shoulder: US Guided Injection Quiz

Lateral Elbow Assessment (7min)

Lateral Elbow Pathology (9min)

MSK Essentials : Lateral Elbow Quiz

Carpal Tunnel (15min)

Carpal Tunnel Injection (14min)

MSK-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Diagnosis and US Guided Injection Quiz

1st Dorsal Compartment of the Wrist: DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis (10min)

1st Dorsal Compartment of the Wrist Pathology (2min)

MSK Essentials : 1st Dorsal Compartment of Wrist Quiz

1st Dorsal Compartment Wrist Injection (7min)

MSK Essentials : 1st Dorsal Compartment Injection Quiz

Hand & Fingers: Diagnostic Ultrasound (14 min)

Hand & Fingers : Pathology (6min)

MSK Essentials : Diagnostic Hand & Finger Quiz

Anterior Hip Assessment (14min)

Anterior Hip Injection (12min)

MSK-Anterior Hip: Diagnosis and US Guided Injection Quiz

Diagnostic Lateral Hip (7min)

Lateral Hip Scanning Technique (9min)

Lateral Hip Pathology (7min)

MSK Essentials : Lateral Hip Quiz

Sacroiliac Joint Injection (15min)

MSK Essentials : Sacroiliac Joint Injection Quiz

High Hamstring Diagnostic (11min)

High Hamstring Pathology (10min)

MSK Essentials : High Hamstring Quiz

Mid-Distal Hamstring Part 1 (11min)

Mid-Distal Hamstring Part 2 (12min)

MSK Essentials : Mid-Distal Hamstring Quiz

Diagnostic Posterior Lower Leg: Achilles, Gastrocnemius and Soleus (12m25s)

MSK: Posterior Lower Leg Quiz

Posterior Lower Leg Pathology (12min)

MSK: Pathology Review Quiz

Intro to Knee Ultrasound (6min)

Anterior Knee (8min)

Posterior Knee (5min)

Lateral Knee (5min)

Medial Knee (5min)

Knee Pathology (11min)

MSK-Diagnostic Knee: Scanning Technique Quiz

Knee Injection: Scanning for Effusion (6min)

Knee Injection: Scanning Technique (7m15s)

MSK-Diagnostic Knee: US Guided Injection Quiz

Ankle Tendons & Ligaments (24min)

Ankle Tendon & Ligament Pathology (9min)

MSK Essentials : Ankle Tendons Diagnostic Quiz

Ankle Effusion Evaluation (7min)

Ankle Injection/Aspiration (7min)

MSK Essentials : Ankle Injection Quiz

Plantar Fascia (11min)

Plantar Fascia Pathology (7min)

MSK Essentials : Plantar Fascia Quiz

Plantar Fascia Injection (14min)

MSK Essentials : Plantar Fascia Injection Quiz


Intro to Musculoskeletal Essentials:

MSK essentials curriculum includes a total of 44 videos covering basic diagnostic ultrasound for common MSK complaints, MSK pathology as well as US guided injections (approximately 8 hours total of video lectures

44 Topics

13 Modules

8 Hours

  • Comprehensive MSK series with topics
    from all MSK regions
  • Highlights anatomy for each region to
    start video
  • Clinically relevant focus to drive the ultrasound
    to common clinic conditions.
  • Easy navigation within module – to allow use as
    point of care reference or to fully engage for
    comprehensive understanding.
  • Literature reference provided for key topics.
  • Quizzes embedded to allow for knowledge



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