GUSI – Global is in Our Name

March 2022

GUSI dedicates this newsletter to the memory of Dr. Paul Farmer, a global health champion.  With a spotlight on international health case studies, a global health faculty member, and a reminder about our Health Equity Residency Exchange, we highlight our commitment to teaching POCUS worldwide.

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GUSI POCUS Women’s Health

February 2022

GUSI celebrates Women’s Health in this newsletter with a focus on female specific pathology.  Also highlighted is a short video on improving ECHO skills in honor of American Heart Health Month.

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New Year – New POCUS Resolutions

January 2022

Check out GUSI’s resolution recommendations to fully embrace POCUS in your clinical practice for the New Year. Happy New Year from GUSI!

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2022 Will Be Your Year For POCUS

December 2021

As we reflect on 2021, here at GUSI we are proud of how we have risen to the unique challenge of providing high quality medical education around POCUS despite the recent COVID constraints against gathering.  We appreciate our community and hope you enjoy the last case studies and Mena’s last TikTok of the year!


Lung Ultrasound – The Missing Clinical Piece

November 2021

Lung Ultrasound is an established and highly utilized component of POCUS, often providing critical information about a patient.  GUSI is a global leader in teaching lung ultrasound and this month’s newsletter features case studies with POCUS clips and the new Local Heroes Series.

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Why POCUS is a Game Changer in Global Health

June 2021

According to the WHO, two-thirds of the world’s population live in areas without easy access to diagnostic imaging and POCUS can help bridge that resource gap. GUSI and MedGlobal have been awarded the 2021 MissionPOCUS and together we will train physicians in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to use POCUS.


See Your Primary Care Patients in a New Dimension

May 2021

Here at GUSI, we are passionate about POCUS use in Family Medicine and Primary Care.  This month’s newsletter features case studies in the primary care setting highlighting how POCUS can provide a practitioner with greater confidence and effectiveness.


The Power of POCUS for Cardiac Care

April 2021

POCUS is a rapid, resource-efficient way to definitively diagnose patients at the bedside, in both the inpatient and outpatient settings, particularly in the cardiac examination.  Here at GUSI, we hope to help equip medical professionals across specialties with high-yield, clinically-relevant POCUS skills, starting from any level of familiarity with ultrasound.


How POCUS Enhances Care for Musculoskeletal Injuries

February 2021

The versatility of POCUS allows its use across specialties and practice settings.  It has great utility in Orthopedics for both the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries as exemplified in this month’s case studies.

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POCUS for COVID-19 in Primary Care and Beyond

January 2021

POCUS can be transformative in diagnosing lung pathology, often by narrowing down or clarifying the differential, which has become even more important with COVID-19.  Begin your learning about lung pathology from our case studies within the newsletter.  GUSI is proud to offer the opportunity for continued learning with free access to our complete lung ultrasound module during these critical times.

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Our Top POCUS Cases of 2020

December 2020

From head to toe, check out our 10 most game-changing POCUS cases of 2020 as this year comes to a close.  Happy New Year from GUSI!

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