In-Person COURSE: OB POCUS Review,
July 13, 2024, Seattle, WA | 8 CME


New Course: OB POCUS Review

GUSI is partnering with Swedish Health to deliver our acclaimed in-person Point of Care Ultrasound experience which combines high-yield lectures and hands-on scanning sessions of pregnant volunteer model patients in an inclusive, collaborative, learning environment. The course is taught by a multidisciplinary group of MFM and FM-OB physicians who are both skilled POCUS practitioners and passionate educators.  Course participants also receive access to our online longitudinal OB POCUS curriculum for additional CME.  Participants will learn how to identify and clinically integrate:  1. Fetal Presentation; 2. Fetal Number; 3. Amniotic Fluid Assessment; 4. Placental Location; 5. Fetal Heart Rate.  Build confidence with new skills in: 1st trimester pregnancy dating and troubleshooting; Basic 2nd/3rd trimester dating with biometry; Ectopic pregnancy evaluation; Ultrasound for IUD care; and how to perform a biophysical profile. 
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