May 2021: See your primary care patients in a new dimension

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At GUSI, we think that point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is the biggest advance in bedside diagnosis since the advent of the stethoscope 200 years ago. Our co-founders Kevin Bergman, MD and Mena Ramos, MD also co-wrote the POCUS guidelines for the American Academy of Family Physicians, so needless to say we’re passionate about POCUS’s role in family medicine and primary care! 


POCUS has tremendous value in primary care. It allows family physicians to see their patients in a new dimension and arrive at definitive diagnoses in minutes. POCUS builds trust between doctors and their patients by facilitating shared decision making and diagnostic understanding. POCUS can also give you greater confidence in your effectiveness as a family medicine practitioner.


Here are two examples of how POCUS can enhance the delivery of primary care:


Case #1 – Skin Soft Tissue

A 13-year-old boy presents with a unilateral painful and swollen side of the face, above the jaw. He is diagnosed with acute sialadenitis; this is seen on the below bedside ultrasound as hypervascular flow of the parotid gland. 

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Case # 2 – Ultrasound-Guided Procedure

A 60-year-old man presents with unilateral knee pain and swelling. The clip below shows a diagnostic arthrocentesis (suprapatellar, transverse) performed by a dynamically ultrasound-guided, in plane procedure. 

may 1


Want to add POCUS to your clinical skills? Our curriculum takes medical providers from little to no POCUS knowledge to a level of mastery in any clinical setting. Check out our wide range of educational offerings here.


News & Updates

A lot has been happening at GUSI! Last month, we launched a refreshed website, added new educational offerings, announced a global partnership, and more: 


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Shoulder Ultrasound Webinar 

Speaking of ultrasound-guided procedures, we recently hosted High-Yield Shoulder Ultrasound: What You Need to Know with Dr. Ryan Petering. You can watch it here

Bringing POCUS to Rohingya Refugee Camps

We’re thrilled and honored to announce that GUSI and MedGlobal have been awarded the 2021 MissionPOCUS grant from POCUS Certification Academy! Together we will train physicians in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to use POCUS. Learn more here

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POCUS for Obstetrics Nursing 

We just launched a new Master Course in OB nursing covering ultrasound basics, scanning techniques, and clinical applications. Learn more here

Scan Portfolio 

This new tool available for GUSI group subscribers lets you store all your POCUS scans in one online portfolio and share them with residency faculty, GUSI experts, and colleagues. Learn more here

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