Residency Services

Let GUSI teach your residents.

Click here to sign up for a residency-wide or group subscription to GUSI’s Esssentials Course.  See below for all of our residency-related services.

Transform POCUS Education at Your Institution

GUSI’s curriculum was designed specifically for the educational needs of residents and residency programs. By engaging GUSI to launch or transform POCUS education at your institution, you are optimizing your residents’ learning as cost- and time-effectively as possible. Whether you are interested in a customized in-person course for your residents, or curious about bringing our online Essentials Course, Fellowship, Mentorship Sessions, or Scan Portfolio to your institution, please inquire below.

Why Bring GUSI to Your Program?

  • Fill POCUS expertise gaps in your institution. 
  • Save time on curriculum development and training.
  • Remotely track residents’ engagement and learning.
  • Review and give feedback on residents’ scans.

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Our Commitment to Global Health

When you sign up to learn with GUSI, we will match your investment with a full scholarship to a residency from a low- or middle-income country. Learn more about our Health Equity Residency Exchange (HERE) Program.
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